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I'm a big fan of skateboard and this is the way I like it. Something old school in it.
I like drawings, and the animation are good anyway. Well done.

I like the Lion

I like the way you draw even you need more practice, it's like in baby books (in a good way).
The end comes too early I think, you should spend more time
on your ideas before making your movie.

Queen0fHearts responds:

Thank you, yes I made them look 'cute' on purpose so the lion could change and look more fierce at the end. This was actually animated to a very short voice skit made by DruoxtheShredder which is why it is so short. Thanks for the feedback.

Affirmativly goof

Robot Rules ! I'm glad humans died, really...

Steinberg responds:

Yeah, humans are such a bummer.

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Kill the dragon

It sounds really good. It fits well with that quest you talk about, with Gods. I would certainly add some dragons.
I do not really like the intro, it doesn't match the aggressiveness/fighting feeling I've got when I listen to your song.

What you've managed to do really good is that though the song's got a fighting melody, it's still soft to the ear and it doesn't bother a loop listening, for instance in a video game.

It's maybe a bit long for the few different variations I could define. Maybe shorter (song and intro) would be better, I guess. But it's all personal.

Good job !

Who ever rides on blow ?

A very personal way of illustrating "brain on drugs".
Different from what I was thinking, and from what most people (I suppose) think when they hear that sentence.
You're song, though there are not much submissions yet, has got something that the other d/won't have. Instead of making harsh noises, weird sounds, it's just simple (in a good way) and ironic, and it makes it much more powerful.

Great song, made me laugh... Awesome !

JPRixdorfer responds:

Thank you very much :)

People who can only think of harsh noises are probably the ones having the (dis-)advantage of never having taken drugs. People who actually DID (in this case blow) will understand the connection between doing anything listening to classical music and/or on blow. Therefore this came to me pretty naturally, while others will probably think of it as outside-the-box.

If it made you laugh, it was all worth it :) thanks!

Not Bad

Even good. But I think it needs a melody over it. There's missing something.
The bass in the background is a bit sketchy, not clearly audible (even if it's still a WiP). Needs more mid/high and it'll be pleasing to the ear.

Hey hey ! I'm Stefan from France. Tell me what you think about my music especially if you think it really sucks ! Enjoy

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